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Weather, seasons

Weather and climate

1. My favourite season is spring when all the flowers and trees start to bloom.

2. I don’t mind the weather as long as it is not very windy.

3. Even in our modern age weather forecasts are frequently inaccurate. 

4. Its constant warm temperature makes the Mediterranean climate very pleasant.   

5. I enjoy watching summer storms from a porch or a balcony.

6. Sunshine is cheerful but dull or foggy weather makes is depressing. 

7. There have been some drastic weather changes recently.

8. Natural catastrophes are more frequent than ever.



In what way do you think our climate has changed?


Hungary is in the temperate zone and has continental climate. This means that the weather is quite changeable but predictable. There are big differences between the 4 seasons. These seasons are: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has 3 months. Nowadays because of the global warming up sometimes it seems to have only 2 seasons in Hungary – only summer and winter.


What’s the weather like in spring/summer/autumn/ or winter? What do people usually wear?


Spring begins in March and ends in May. After the long, cold, wet and foggy days it is warm again. The sky becomes blue. The trees and bushes are full of blossoms and the air is fresh. You can see the nicest spring flowers everywhere like tulips, daffodils, violets, snowdrops and daises. The birds come back from warm lands and the nature returns to live. In spring the weather is changeable. It is sunny and bright, but it can get cloudy and windy. It can rain like cats and dogs and there are short showers. The temperature is above zero. It’s very difficult to dress up well in spring. In the mornings it is still cool so people usually wear trench coat or warm pullovers with trousers and platform shoes. Most people like wearing jeans. Jeans never go out of fashion and they are popular in every colour.


Summer months are June, July and August. The weather is usually hot and sunny but sometimes rainy. There is a heatwave in July when only al little breeze refreshes us. The temperature is 30-35 C°. There can be heavy rainstorms or scattered showers with lightning and thunder. Sometimes it pours down with rain for days. You can easily get soaked to the skin. Before raining the air can be muggy.

Days become longer and longer. Summer brings us fruits and vegetables. In summer we can take trips and go on holidays. The best place to spend the summer is a seaside. There is no school, so students can relax a lot. During summer it is enough to put on light dress, a T-shirt, shorts, mini-skirts, sandals or slippers. Men wear swimming trunks on the beach and women like swimming suits or bikinis.


September is the first month of autumn. The beginning of this season is called Indian summer when the weather is still warm. The trees are full of fruits like apples, pears and nuts. The nature is beautiful and colourful too. The leaves on the trees are reddish and yellowish. It’s good to spend our free-time outdoors. In October and November the weather is getting cooler and cooler. It is usually cloudy, rainy and windy. Days become shorter and shorter. Most birds fly away. People usually wear warm sweaters, raincoats, trousers and trainers.


The coldest season is winter. December, January and February are winter months. It sometimes snows ant the weather is foggy, snowy, frosty and freezing cold. At this time the roads are slippery and full of slush. The trees and fields are white with snow. The rivers and lakes are frozen over. Days are short and nights are long. The temperature is below zero. There are blizzards and strong gales. In winter you must be careful not to catch a cold. We should wear warm clothes and dress in layers. People can wear caps, gloves, warm scarf, polo necked sweaters, trousers, coats and jackets. Boots warm our feet.