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 Travelling to a foreign country.


1. Although driving to a foreign country takes longer than flying, I prefer it to any other way of travelling.

2. Due to budget airlines travelling by air is more affordable nowadays.

3. Travelling by air is just as safe as travelling by land.

4. Staying in a youth hostel or a bed and breakfast is less expensive than a hotel.

5. Package holidays are less exciting than independently arranged journeys.

6. In my opinion, nobody should go to countries that still require a visa.

7. Travelling by sea could be fascinating and I would like to try a cruise once. 

8. Trains are more comfortable because on a bus you can’t walk around or stretch your legs.


Travelling – Transport


Public transport helps people in easy travelling. Transport changed a lot. We can reach the furthest destination within 24 hours. Trains, planes and cars make our life more comfortable and mobile.

                Trains are sometimes faster than cars and buses. They go on straight rails and have priority. We have to buy the tickets at the ticket office at the railway station. Then we can go to the platform or wait for the train in the waiting room. After taking seat on a train the inspector comes and checks our tickets.

                In Hungary we have the choice of slow train, fast and Intercity trains. Intercity trains are much better, because they are pretty more comfortable and faster than the other ones. When we buy our ticket we can choose from first class and second class compartments and smoking or non-smoking ones.            

The advantages and disadvantages of travelling by TRAIN

Travelling by train has many advantages. First of all, there are no stressful traffic jams, and trains are quite fast and comfortable. Also, you can while away in different ways. You can just sit and relax, for example, or you can have a meal or a snack in the buffet car.

However, travelling by train also has some disadvantages. For one thing, it is expensive, and the trains are sometimes crowded and delayed. What is more, you have to travel at certain times, and trains, which are usually very dirty, cannot take you from door to door. You need a bus or a taxi, for example, to take you to the railway station.



I have ……………. travelled by air. I ………………. afraid of flying. The air fares are very expensive, but flying is the fastest and the most comfortable way of travelling. The view is wonderful, especially the clouds. Before boarding the plane, the passengers must check in at the check-in desks. At this desk our luggage is weighted and the assistant will give us a boarding card. After this we have to go through a passport control and a customs examination. Passengers wait at the departure lounge, where we have to find the right gate. Here there are a lot of duty free shops. 

The advantages and disadvantages of travelling by AIR

                The main advantage of travelling buy air is that it is the safest and fastest means of transport. Far more people die in car, bus or train crashes than in flying catastrophe a year. Also you can while away the flight easily by watching a film, listening to music, reading or eating something. Finally, if you are tired of sitting, you can stand up and walk.

                However, travelling by air also has some disadvantages. For one thing, it is very expensive, and the flights are sometimes delayed or cancelled. Moreover flying is stressful and risky. Many people have a deep fear of flying. In a case of a crash you have a very slim chance of survival. At last but not least air travel seriously damages the environment.





                I like travelling by car because I think it is the easiest way of transport. Nowadays most families have cars which are usually very comfortable and fast. Furthermore we don’t have to wait for anything; we just get in and go. Also, a car takes you from door to door, which is very comfy.

However, travelling by car also has some disadvantages. First of all the petrol is extremely expensive, about ………….. a litre. Secondly travelling by car is rather dangerous because there are many road accidents, a lot of drivers are careless and they drive too fast. We must use seat-belts and if we drive we must be extremely careful. We mustn’t exceed the speed-limit of the roads. What is more, in the rush hour, when everybody is going to work or school, you can go very slowly because of the traffic jams. Finally not many people can travel at the same time.


Despite the disadvantages, I prefer travelling by air/train/car to travelling by car/train/air because I feel more relaxed when I reach my destination.



The city transport helps the people in easy travelling. It connects the centre with the outskirts. I can travel by bus, tram, underground and taxies in a city.

In a town there are local buses. You can buy single tickets on the bus, or at the post office, ticket offices and newsstands. Buying the tickets on the bus is much more expensive. People could buy season or monthly tickets too which saves money. On the bus you have to validate your ticket or show your season ticket to the driver. If an inspector comes to check the ticket you have to show it up. If you don’t have anything during your journey he/she will fine you. I often travel by local bus and I don’t like it. The buses are usually packed – there are more passengers than seats – so I have to stand. They are slow and dirty too. It’s not the most comfortable and cheapest way of travelling.


In bigger towns passengers can choose trams. They are faster and more comfortable than buses and trams run more often. It works by electricity so it protects the environment. It runs on rails. The ticket system is the same as on buses.

In Hungary there is only one city where you can find underground and this is the capital: Budapest. It’s an old and traditional way of transport, we call it Metro. It runs in tubes under the city, so we have to take the escalator, which takes us down. Before taking this we have to put our ticket into a machine, which validates it. The underground is the fastest and cheapest way of travelling. Unfortunately it is also crowded but it runs in every 5 or 6 minutes.


If we are in a hurry we could take a taxi. The taxi is the most comfortable but the most expensive form of travelling. The driver takes you exactly to the place where you would like to, you don’t have to walk anywhere or wait for. When you get to the destination the taximeter shows the price and you have to pay. In Budapest it is extremely expensive to travel by taxi. In New York the taxi,  called cab is rather cheap and it is a symbol of the city.