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The increasing importance of information technology.

1. There are still lots of people who are incapable of using computers or word processors.

2. The Internet is the best invention ever.

3. You should be computer-literate nowadays in order to make a career.

4. Communication is faster and more efficient in the modern age.

5. The rapidly expanding information technology makes people more distant and less humane.

6. E-mail communication has already replaced sending letters and faxes.

7. You can become addicted to computer games.

8. Computers are very useful in learning but they can’t replace teachers.


What do you think about the following statement?

The Internet has forever changed the way we live. Its importance will continue to grow. By the year 2010 most of the world will be conducting its business, receiving its media (TV, films, music), and staying in touch solely via the Internet.

The Internet Will Change Our Lives In Every Aspect

             The use of the Internet around the world is doubling every few months.

             The Internet has already changed with way we communicate.

             Business have invested billions in the Internet.

             The Internet is becoming faster all the time, you can already watch video or listen to Mp3s via the Internet.

             Many people now live at home and work via the Internet.

             The Internet has created unlimited new business opportunities

             Most people use email instead of writing letters to keep in touch with their friends.

             The Internet is still very young.



The Internet Is Just A New Form Of Communication, But Will Not Change Everything In Our Lives

             The Internet, while interesting, is just a fad.

             People want to go out and meet other people when they do their shopping.

             It is too difficult to use the Internet and computers, most people do not have the patience.

             Reading on a computer screen is uncomfortable and people will never stop wanting to read, listen to music and be entertained in traditional ways.

             The Internet creates cultural homogenization - some would say Americanization, and eventually people will get tired of this.

             The only real interaction between people must take place face to face on not 'virtually'.

             The Internet is mainly used by teenagers and other people who have lots of time to waste.

             The 'new' economy of the Internet produces nothing - people can not buy smoke.




What appliances do you have in your home?

                We have got many appliances at home. Typical electric appliances are: television, radio, cassette recorder, music centre, CD player, video recorder, DVD player, and headphone. My family uses the following household appliances: fridge, deep-freezer, electric or gas cooker, microwave oven, dishwasher, and washing machine. In the kitchen we also have electric tools too. E.g.: mixer, blender, electric kettle, bread slicer, toaster, tea and coffee maker, sandwich maker and grinder. We also have vacuum cleaner, and iron. Nowadays a lot of families have Mp3 – 4 player, computer, notebook, laptop, cell-phone, i-phone, ipod, palmtop, GPS navigation, and many other new things


How have new household gadgets changed our life?First of all I think that these tools make our life easier. They save time for us. For example to wash the clothes by hand needs more time than to wash it by the machine. The electric appliances help us in the housework and the entertaining tools makes us more relaxed. I enjoy watching TV or DVD and listening to music is also a good pass-time. Or GPS navigation helps us to find a place in a totally unknown country or area. We don’t have to look at the map during driving because this gadget tells us where to turn left or right.


What would you do if these tools went wrong?

I would take them immediately back to the shop if they were under guarantee. But if the tool is older than 2 or 3 years I would take it to a service.


How did the life change during the 20th century?

It changed a lot. Our life became faster with technology. Technology improved the most during the last century. Our life is now very mobile. We can travel to everywhere in the world within 24 hours by plane. We are discovering the universe and exploring the Mars planet. We can call up everybody in every point of the world. And at last but not least computers and the Internet changed the whole world. They give many new opportunities.


Do you often use the Internet and computers? What are they good for? Have you ever tried the Internet shopping? What do you us the Internet for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet?

                We can find computers in all fields of life. They are used for storing data, word processing, keeping records, creating arts and film events, and managing production. Traffic is also controlled by computers. Banks, post offices complete money transactions by computers. Medical equipment works with computer technology as well.

I often/usually/rarely use the computer. We have got/haven’t got computer and Internet access at home. I often/never write my homework or essays on my computer and I sometimes/usually surf on the net. I play computer games every day or I don’t like computer games.

Internet is very useful. I can get information on several things. I can read about anything I’m interested in. We can book tickets, order various things, subscribe to newspapers, check our bank account or check bus or train timetables. On-line shopping makes it possible to search through catalogues to find exactly what you want at the best price, saving both time and money. We can see many photos and maps and we can download files, pictures, programmes and games.

                We can send e-mails. They are virtual letters and they arrive to the destination in a second. They are quicker than ordinary letters and to send an e-mail is much more comfortable, because we can do it at home. We can chat by the Internet. Mainly young people like chatting. This means to exchange short messages. You can see immediately what the other person is writing and reply instantly.

                The wrong side of the computers is the Internet viruses worms and spy programs. They spread very quickly and can harm your computer, delete files or even makes it impossible to use. If we spend too much time in front of the screen it can cause headaches and can strain your eyes.  Moreover with so much information available, finding what you want can take you hours. What’s more, there is too much advertising instead of real information. As for Internet friendships, sitting at home in front of a computer making ’chat friends’ is not the same as actually meeting people. Also, people may not tell the truth about themselves.

Have you got a mobile phone? Telephoning

                In Hungary you can make phone calls from ordinary telephones, mobiles or phone boxes. Nowadays mobiles are the most popular telephones.

When we want to make a phone call form a callbox at first we pick up the receiver and put the coins or the card into the slot and wait for the dialling tone. After this we dial the number. When the line is engaged or nobody answers you hang up the receiver. In Hungary both the caller and the receiver can introduce themselves first. But in England the one who get a call should start the conversation with the telephone number.

Home or ordinary telephones are very multifunctional nowadays. We can make calls, send faxes or photocopy with them. In modern phones there is a built in answering machine too. We can leave messages when nobody is at home.

A mobile has several functions. In every mobile there is a phone book, where you can store the numbers and names. We can send and receive SMSs (Short Message Service). We can apply settings (the language, the date, the time). They also include some extras like alarm clock, timer, calculator and games. A lot of models offer WAP and MMS too. WAP is simpler form of the Internet. With MMS we can send not just text messages but photos too.

In my opinion we feel safer if we have a mobile because you can ask for help if something happens. Nowadays everybody has a mobile; it means that you can be contacted easily. But sometimes it is disturbing that people can reach us everywhere.