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Sports and competitions.

1. Ball games like football, handball or volleyball develop a team spirit.

2. I’d rather watch sports than participate in them.

3. I don’t see the point of extreme sports, I think they are rather stupid and sooner or later they lead to accidents.

4. Competitors who take drugs should be punished strictly.

5. I find technical sports such as car racing pointless and rather boring.

6. As sponsors use competitions to advertise their products, sports have become more commercial.

7. Sports develop your self-discipline and help you get along in life.

8. If athletes are well-provided financially they can concentrate on sports achievement.  



                To keep fit we should live a healthy life. This means doing some sports regularly. I often work out in the gym or do aerobics or yoga. I don’t pursue any sports regularly, but sometimes I go to play games with my friends. I like ball-games. So far, I have tried almost all of them, but of course I like ……………. the best, because I like teamwork and it is good fun. There are quite a few ballgames like: football, handball, volley-ball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, ice-hockey and water-polo. In Britain other ball games are popular like: cricket, rugby and golf. I’m a member of the local ………………. team. We travel a lot with the team. I have scored …. goals this season. Sometimes I want to lose weight so I do some kind of sport to be in good shape. I also like swimming and hiking in the hills. We sometimes go on bicycle-tours.


Doing sports keeps you healthy both mentally and physically. I have read that keeping fit protects you from several diseases. When you are expected to do a lot of brain work, doing some physical activity is extremely important. Sports contribute to your self discipline and mental development; teach you endurance and team spirit which help you concentrate outside the world of sport.


At school we have three / four PE lessons a week. In my opinion five or more lessons would be ideal. We have a well-equipped gym: there are balls, weights, multigyms. In spring we go out and jog on the tracks or play ballgames on the field. Sometimes our lessons are held in the swimming pool.


                We can group sports in many ways. If we take into consideration the seasons there are winter and summer sports. The basic winter sports are: skiing, skating, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling and ice-hockey. During this season children like snowballing, building snowman and sledging. As there aren’t any high mountains in Hungary, skiing or skating or ice-hockey isn’t very popular. But I like watching them on TV. Typical summer sports are: soccer, water sports or tennis.

                There are in-door sports and out-door sports too. Chess is played indoor, but you can only windsurf outdoors.

                The water sports are: swimming, rowing, sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, water polo and diving. I like swimming and I often go to swimming pools and spas. Hot water is very fine for the human body.

Football, handball, volleyball, water polo, table tennis are the most popular games in Hungary. Then can come target shooting, wrestling, boxing, rowing and gymnastics. But of course any game or sport becomes more popular when Hungarians win their heat and qualify for the final. We are also famous for our swimmers and water-polo team. Although there has been a decline in football. We used to be very good at football but I firmly believe it’ll change.


Athletics is also very popular. It includes: long or short distance running, hammer, discus and javelin throwing high and long jumping.

There are lots of extreme sports nowadays, such as gliding, bungee-jumping, rafting or rock-climbing. These are said to be dangerous. I wouldn’t like to try it because I can’t see the point in jumping from high and then hanging upside down. A lot of people do combat sports like kung fu, karate or judo. These sports train our souls too.

In my opinion the most difficult sport is pentathlon where you have to be good at 5 kinds of sports: swimming, fencing, riding, running and shooting. I think it is very difficult to be the best in one sport, it needs endurance.


The Olympic Games is the most important sport event. It is organized in every fourth year and it is a great honour to get a gold, silver or bronze medal. We have quite a few Olympic winners e.g.. Krisztina Egerszegi, Szilveszter Csollány and our water-polo team.