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Shopping habits.

1. I always prepare a shopping list before I go shopping.

2. I never check the sell-by date on food items because I trust the store.

3. Small shops will sooner or later close down because they can’t compete with hypermarkets and shopping centres.

4. Sometimes I go window-shopping with my friends to shopping centre.

5. I usually buy fresh vegetables at the local marketplace.

6. Sales and promotions can sometimes be deceitful.

7. Buying goods on hire purchase/on credit is highly popular nowadays.

8. I know people who regularly buy things on the Internet. 



Shopping for food

I like shopping. I like looking round the shops and seeing all the things and all the people. Some people say I like spending money. It may be true. I do my daily shopping at the supermarket near our home.

In a supermarket there are different counters: In the fruit and vegetable counter you can buy tropical fruits like oranges, bananas and pineapples and different kind of vegetables like carrot, onion, mushroom and potato. We can find sweets in the confectionery counter. In the bakery counter you can buy white or brown bread, rolls and croissants. We can also find the wine and beverages counter, where dry and sweet wines and spirits are sold. In the dry-groceries you can buy flour, cereals, tea, spices and sugar. There is also a big dairy counter. We find butter, eggs, cheese, milk, sour-cream and yoghurt here. Next comes the meat and sausage counter, where I can buy turkey, chicken, beef or pork.

I usually make a shopping list otherwise I forget what I want to buy. When I enter the supermarket I take the basket or if I want to buy a lot of things I take a trolley and push it in front of me. I like self-service shops because I can look around and choose from the products on the shelves. If I don’t find the things I want, I ask an assistant for help. If I have everything I need, I stand in a queue at the check-out to pay. I give the money to the cashier; she will put it in the till and give me the change.

Bread and other bakery products I buy at the baker’s. When I need some fresh meat I go to the butcher’s. I buy the vegetables and fruit at the greengrocer’s or at the market. I like shopping there because I can buy fresh vegetables and fruit directly from the producers and the prices are not fixed so I can bargain, and may get them cheaper.

At the weekend I go to a big hypermarket and buy all the necessary goods for the household. The advantages these hypermarkets are that you can find almost everything from food to gardening tools under one roof and there is a wide range of goods. People usually buy big quantities in such hypermarkets at the weekends these shops are over-crowded. They are usually far from the city centre and it can take a long time to get there.

The advantages of supermarkets and hypermarkets are that there is a wide range of goods on display so you can choose from different products, go round and compare the prices. You can buy everything under one roof and they have long opening hours, some of them are nonstop.

The advantages of small grocer’s shops are that there is a friendly atmosphere, customers know the shopkeeper well and he always gives them fresh products. Retailers are more polite and helpful than shop-assistants in big shops.


Shopping for clothes

I prefer shopping for clothes with a friend because I find it difficult to decide which clothes to buy. I need her help and I trust her taste. Before buying something I look around in different shops, boutiques and department stores. When I go home from school I do some window shopping. It can be entertaining as you get information about the prices of goods in different shops and can also see what is in fashion.

If I find something I like to try it on to see if it fits and suits me. If it is good quality and fashionably brand I don’t mind paying a lot of money for it. I think you have to pay for style and quality. I like clothes which are unique. I don’t like mass fashion. I never buy clothes off the peg. Some people however can’t afford to spend too much money on clothes and they buy them at Chinese shops or department stores.

In big plazas and stores there are sales at the end of summer and winter. During the sales you can sometimes buy the goods which remained in stock at half the regular price. There are also some people who buy goods from discount stores or second-hand shops. To keep up with the latest fashion is very expensive.

I can do the shopping in smaller shops. There is a stationer's, a sport shop, a record and a video shop, a kitchenware shop, a chemist's, a glassware shop, a book shop, a shoe shop, an electrical store and fashion shops in my town.


Buying things on hire purchase

People usually buy durables (TV, dishwasher, etc) on hire purchase. When you buy goods you pay a small amount of money, usually 10 % of the whole price. And then you make a regular payment for over a period of time until the whole amount is paid. Of course you must pay some interest.



Shopping on the Internet, or shopping on-line is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are using the internet to buy things. Why do people use the Internet to shop? Some people say it is more convenient. They don't have to leave their homes to order something, and they can shop for anything they want at any time, day or night. Other people say they can find things for sale that they can't find in the stores near their homes. Still other people say they can find better prices on the Internet.

If you want to buy something on the Internet, you need a credit card. You have to type your credit card number and information on the website and send it to the store over the Internet. You have to be sure that the store will not use your information in the wrong way. You don't want someone to get your credit card number andcharge something to your account. Of course, you always have to be careful with your credit card number, because people sometimes steal credit card numbers from stores and restaurants too.

For people who are too nervous to shop on-line, the Internet is a good place to go window-shopping. Window-shopping is when you go to a store and look at the things for sale, but don't plan to buy anything. Window-shopping is easy on the Internet. You can see what kinds of products are available and how much they cost. You can visit stores with branches near you, or you can visit stores that are only on the Internet.

Some stores have a website for information about their stores, but not for shopping.