Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe




People can eat in different types of restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, pubs, canteens and sandwich bars. All of them are different.

People are usually in a hurry and they don’t have time to wait for meals in restaurants so people choose fast food restaurants or snack bars when they want to have a quick meal. These restaurants have the advantage of offering cheap dishes. You can have a meal in ten minutes as the service is fast. What is more, you always get what you want, you never buy pig in a poke, just simple hamburgers, and pizzas…They usually offer international food.

Furthermore, eating in a fast food restaurant is simple. You go into the restaurant and choose the dish you want to eat from the list hanging on the wall. At the counter you ask for the food, and get it on a tray with plastic cutlery. The cashier will give you the bill. After paying you take your tray to any table you like. In the end you put your plastic plates and paper bags into one of the rubbish bins.

                However, there are some disadvantages. Firstly the selection of meals is limited. You can’t find fancy dishes here. Secondly junk food is rather unhealthy. Finally you may not always find a free table because the place may be crowded.

                If people have time and money, they go to an ordinary restaurant. Here waiters and waitresses serve the guests. After that you enter the dining room and either look for an empty table yourself or the waiter shows you to one. You can take a seat in a smoking or non-smoking area. Then you can go through the menu and give the order to the waiter. You are served by the waiter. When you have questions the waiter can help you and he can offer special daily dishes too. If you want to make a complaint, don’t hesitate because the guests are always right. You can pay at the end of the meal.

                We can choose from first-, second- and third- class restaurants depending on our pocket.

                Ordinary restaurants have a lot of advantages, too. They have a wide selection of meals. Some restaurants offer special dishes which can’t be eaten at other places. There are different dishes like soups, main courses, desserts and a wide selection of drinks, such as wines and other alcoholic drinks. What’s more, the atmosphere is relaxed; you can enjoy the nice and quiet atmosphere.

                On the other hand, there are some disadvantages as well. These restaurants are usually very expensive. You also give the waiter a tip for the service. Also you have to wait for a long time, so only go there if you have a lot of time. So people usually go to these places when they celebrate special occasions.

                I prefer places where I’m served, so I usually go to ordinary restaurants. I think the most important factors are the taste of the food and the polite service. My favourite place is in the town centre and I go there once a month. The staff is polite and efficient and they cook well. Sometimes I go to cafes or bars. In school I often buy my breakfast from the buffet, where we can choose from cold and hot sandwiches, hot-dogs, sweets, chocolate and drinks. After school we can have lunch in the school canteen. They serve a 3-course meal for cheap money. If you want to eat some dessert or ice-cream you can choose a confectionery.