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Pets/ Animals

                                                               Pets and Endangered Animals




                We can find pets in most families, sometimes they are considered as family members. The most common pets are: dogs, cats, mice, turtles, budgerigars and hamsters. People love them and keep them for their love and company.

Many children ask their parents for a pet, but not every child is ready for the responsibility. Don’t forget that pets are not only fun, but take serious work. Pets rely on people to take care of them, so owning a pet means caring for another life. Wild animals are different from pets because they can take care of themselves and live independently of people. Pets, on the other hand, need people to feed and care for them. Like people, pets need water and food. Pets should always have plenty of fresh water available to them. Some pets (e.g. dogs) need to be walked several times a day. Some species of snakes only need to eat once a week. It is important to understand that different pets have different needs and require different care.

Pets also need proper shelter to survive. Reptiles, amphibians, insects, and fish need properly equipped tanks to survive. Pets that live outside should have a safe, warm place where they can sleep, rest and stay during bad weather.

Training is also an important part of owning a pet. Training a dog to sit, stay, and come will prevent it from running into busy streets.

Moreover, cleaning up after pets is an important job. A clean pet is a healthy pet. Grooming and picking up after a pet are important. Taking the pet to the veterinarian that treats pets, is also an important part of having a pet. Vaccinations or injections that prevent the animal from getting diseases are necessary.

 Finding the right pet is crucial. Pets that need little supervision, such as fish and spiders, may be more appropriate for children and families who do not have a lot of free time. Dogs may be right for active children and families. Small rodents, such as mice, may be good for families in small homes or apartments.

All in all, although having a pet can be tiring, I believe that they wonderful companions.

I have a dog at home its name is ………. In my opinion, dogs make perfect house pets. They always show their happiness. They are playful and extremely loyal to their owners. Furthermore trained dogs are useful to their owners too. They are easy to train as watchdogs to guard your house, making you feel safe and secure. They can also be trained as dogs for the blind. They can be taught to be all sorts of tricks – even to collect the morning newspaper.

On the other hand, dogs need a lot of attention. They need to be fed and brushed and taken for their daily walk or regular visit to the vet. However this is a small price to pay in exchange for their friendship and loyalty.


Animals appeared on earth much earlier than us, humans. We share our lives with theirs.


             We eat their meat and wear their fur.

             We use them for work.

             We keep them for their love and companionship.

             We find cures for diseases with their help, and we catch diseases from them.

             We care about them and save them.

             We exploit them and exterminate them.

Since the 17th century extinction has been a big problem. More and more species have to face extinction.



The main reasons of extinction:

1.            Habitat loss. Wildlife habitats are destroyed in order to improve people’s living.

2.            Overhunting: it is a serious threat to animals.

3.            Pollution: water and air pollution jeopardises many species.


There a lot of things that we can do to protect animals. Get personally involved in the conservation of wildlife.

1.            Do not buy goods made from protected animals.

2.            Make donations to wildlife organisations.

3.            Live in an eco-friendly way: save energy, select rubbish for recycling…