Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

Money matters

Before money, people exchanged goods. For example they gave food for clothes. This was the system of barter. Later people used valuable things, like shells, pearls, silver or gold as money.

At first, coins were created and after a while paper money was introduced. Notes are easier to handle. Nowadays people use credit card or debit card for paying. If you don’t want to carry cash when you go shopping, it is worth using these cards.

Different countries have different currencies. In Hungary we use Forint, but in the European Union Euro is the official currency. In the USA people pay with Dollar meanwhile the British use Pound.

Some people believe that money makes the world go round and you are only successful in life if you earn enough money. Money can also buy power. Rich people can pay for everything: entertainment, education, travelling and healthcare. While the poor live on miserable income and cannot purchase anything.

For your work you get salary that you can spend on your family or other expenses. Workplaces transfer the salary to a bank account. If you need cash you can take out money from the ATM.

Bank is a building where a lot of services are offered. People and businesses can invest or borrow money, change currencies or take out a bank loan. Many people dislike banks as they demand high charges.

It is advisable to teach your children how to manage money. They must learn saving their pocket money, which is given by their parents weekly or monthly.