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Jobs and Professions

Professions and earning a living.

1. White-collar jobs are a lot more popular among school leavers than blue-collar jobs.

2. A job is supposed to be satisfying and rewarding, and shouldn’t only be about making money.

3. An ideal workplace allows people to share ideas and discuss problems freely.

4. Connections are useful when you are looking for a job as the best positions are often not advertised.

5. Nowadays people change jobs every three years to further their career.

6. Flexible working hours are better than fixed hours.

7. Public and private sphere are completely different in many aspects.

8. You should have a job that suits both your abilities and interests.

What is the ideal part-time job or summer job for a teenager? Have you ever had a summer job?

I think the ideal summer job is a place where we can study from our employers or colleagues.

The environment of the working place is also important. It should be clean and tidy. For a teenager it is also very ideal if we don’t have to work many hours a day and when we get a lot of money. But of course we know that we have to work very hard and a lot in Hungary to earn some extra pocket-money.

I have had / have never had a summer job. I worked as a ______________________ in ___________________________________. I liked/enjoyed/disliked or hated it because......

I worked ___________ hours a day.


Can you tell me about the job you would like to have in the future?

I’d like to have a well-paid job. I’d like to work as a __________________

In my opinion, a good job must be challenging and motivating. I would like to work with people and help them. It’s very important for me to enjoy what I do and be a member of a good team. Friendly atmosphere is essential and the working environment should be pleasant and comfortable.

             I don’t know what job I would like to have in the future, but I know that I don’t want to be a blue-collar worker as I’m more interested in mental work. I would like to have an occupation which requires a university degree.

             I don’t know what job I would like to have in the future, but I know that I don’t want to be a white-collar worker as I’m more interested in physical work. I would like to have an occupation which requires manual work.


Describe your ideal boss.

I think the boss’s personality is very important, so I’d like a boss who is very understanding, generous and honest. In my opinion it is also good if he or she is strict too. But I wouldn’t like someone who is very arrogant or feeling superior. A good boss is efficient, loyal and reliable and he has to cooperate with others too.


How important is money for you?

Money is very important for me but money doesn’t mean everything. If I don’t feel myself well in a job, I wouldn’t do it just because of the money. Living in Hungary nowadays is very expensive, so I’d like a well-paid job.

For me, it is much more important to like my job and get a modest salary than to be paid lots of money to do a job that I don’t like. When you do a job that you really like it helps you to be happy with your everyday life. On the other hand, if you don’t like your job, you may be depressed about life.



Which are the most fashionable jobs in today’s Hungary?

These days teenagers would like to become lawyers, economists, managers, PR assistants or they would like to find a job in connection with computer science. Most young people would like to work for a big company.


How important are fringe benefits for you? ( car, mobile...)

They are very important. The main reason why these jobs are so popular is that they are well-paid. There are other factors which can make a job more attractive. Firstly, your company should provide bonuses, pay rises and fringe benefits (e.g.: a company car, mobile phone). These fashionable jobs are also admired because the employees get a company car, a mobile phone or a laptop. It’s very promising. They can also travel abroad on business.


Which do you think are the most respected/best paid or most wanted jobs are?

The most respected job is the doctor’s or vet’s jobs because they save people’s or animals’ lives.

The best paid job is a manager’s job, who is the head of a company. And I think they are the most wanted jobs too.


Where can you find a job advertisement?

Jobs are advertised in daily or weekly papers e.g.: Borsodi apró is a newspaper where I can find only advertisements, in professional journals or on the Internet. There are several web pages connected to jobs. E.g.: Job Pilot or Job line. I think it’s better to search on the Internet for job advertisements because they are fresher.  We can go to Job Centres too. These are offices run by the government where people can get advice and help finding a work.


What do you have to include in your CV?

A CV contains personal details, such as the candidate’s name, address, phone number, nationality, date of birth and marital status. We must give details of our education and qualifications, our previous experience, our language knowledge and other skills. We can also include a list of our interests. It’s advisable to add names of people who can provide references.


 How would you prepare for a job interview?

First I would collect all kinds of information about the firm and its activities. Then I would think it over the possible questions of the interviewers and my answers.


How can you classify jobs?

1.            We can work full time or part time, depending on the working hours.

2.            Based on the length of the employment, people have permanent or temporary jobs, or they do seasonal work.

3.            Based on the nature of the work and the necessary qualifications, there are two main groups:

             Blue-collar workers, who perform skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled manual work.

             White –collar workers hold jobs in offices or banks.