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                A, I live in a flat on the ............. floor in a block of flats on a housing estate with my parents and sisters/brothers. It is rather big/small. It consists of a living-room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen with a small dining area and of course a bathroom with a toilet. I like it. The furniture is not always to my taste but it’s all right.

B, I live in a detached house, not far from the centre. It’s a nice building. It was built about 10/20/30 years ago. There is a garden around the house with trees and bushes. It’s not a big garden luckily, because I don’t like gardening.


We have a fairly big living-room, my parents’ bedroom and my room. Next to my room, there is a dining room which is separated from the kitchen./ We don’t have a separate dining room, so we eat in the kitchen. My mum loves the kitchen the most since she is fond of cooking. We have a lot of modern conveniences installed here, for example a dishwasher, a gas cooker, a microwave oven… .

Though there is a lot of furniture in our living- room, it’s light and spacious. There is a sofa and ......... armchairs with colourful cushions. There is a rectangular pine coffee table with an ashtray and a vase on it. Next to the  sofa there is a bookshelf with our favourite books on it. To make the room friendlier, I have hung some pictures on the walls. The pictures are illuminated with spotlights. In another corner there is a TV stand and shelves for the DVD player and music centre.

Unfortunately our bathroom is quite small./Fortunately our bathroom is quite big. Apart from the bathtub and the washbasin, there is a washing machine and some towel racks for the clothes. Under the mirror  there is a cabinet. We keep some combs and brushes, deodorants and cosmetics here. In the bottom part of the cabinet there is a place for detergents, fabric softeners and cleaning supplies. The shampoos, hair-conditioners, bath foams and shower gels are on the edge of the bathtub, next to the sponges.

Of course there is a pantry, a bathroom and a terrace overlooking ..............................

It’s my room that I like the most. In my room there is a desk, a wardrobe, a bed, shelves for my things and some pictures and posters on the walls. On the floor there is a ................................................. I have my computer on my desk so there isn’t enough space for my books and exercise-books. There are some potted plants on the window sill. I have a dressing table / bedside table in the corner with my perfume on it. There is a ............................ hanging from the ceiling. I have got a curtain. From my window there is a very nice view of .............................


In the future I would like to have a big house far from the hustle and bustle of city life. It wouldn’t be very big, there would be enough space for common activities. I would have a large living room with a fireplace and comfortable armchairs. There would be a room for entertainment with a huge screened TV and a DVD player.. I would have a big well-equipped kitchen and a pleasant dining room. As for the garden , there would be a big terrace with deckchairs, a nice rockery and a swimming-pool.


Most people prefer houses to flats because in a house there is more privacy and more room. Children have their own rooms, they don’t have to share it. People like to have a garden in which they can grow flowers or vegetables. In a house you are on your own and nobody disturbs you. So life in a house can be calmer. Children can feel safer because they can play in a fenced-off yard and they don’t have to go to play grounds. What’s more we can keep dogs in a house because a flat is not an ideal place for them.

On the other hand, others like living in a flat because they hate gardening or they wouldn’t like to shovel snow in winter. Living in a flat is usually cheaper and more comfortable. Central heating is not very expensive. However, flats are densely populated so you can often hear your neighbours as the walls are not completely sound-proof.