Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe




In my family we share the housework. I am responsible for my room. I dust the furniture, hoover the carpets and mop the floor every weekend. Other jobs – such as scrubbing the carpets, cleaning the windows – can be done less frequently, but I have to do most of them at least twice a year. On weekdays I get up early. While I get my things ready for school, I always air my room and make my bed.

I don’t mind hovering the carpets and I do it quite often, but I hate washing the dishes although it is one of the chores that needs to be done every day.


In my family it is my mother who does the cooking, washing, shopping and ironing, but I often try to help her with the housework. Before dinner I always lay the table for the whole family. My mum has green fingers, she takes good care of the plants we have in the house. She often asks me to water them. My mum does most of the household chores.

My father, however doesn’t do much in the house, but he can do a lot of things around the house or if something goes wrong. He fixes the shelves, changes the bulbs, decorates the rooms and so on. In summer he looks after the garden, cuts the grass and weeds the flower-beds. If we have a grill party he can prepare delicious barbecues.


Typical male responsibilities are D.I.Y and looking after the car, while women usually do the ironing, cooking and washing. Modern technology makes our life easier. We don’t have to spend much hours doing the chores, because labour saving devices help us to do it.