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                Everybody needs some time for relaxation each year. In an ideal case, you can afford to travel away from your everyday surroundings. You can forget about your work and responsibilities, and spend your days with people you like the best.

                Based on your favourite holiday activities, you can choose from different types of holidays every year, for example: skiing, sight-seeing tours, voyages, camping or adventure holidays. Tourist agencies offer an amazing variety of packages to holidaymakers all over the world, from cheap , basic packages to luxury ones. The price you pay covers everything from accommodation to transportation. If you prefer arranging your own holidays you don’t have to go to an agency, just find a destination and organise it. You don’t have to depend on anybody else.


Every summer lots of people visit a large number of resorts and spend hours on the beach  swimming, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing and basking in the sun. Late afternoon they go to the beach cocktail party, in the evening to the disco.

While others go to the mountains to pursue their favourite sport, skiing. To go on a skiing holiday you need ski boots, ski jacket, so all the necessary equipment so that you can ski properly.

                There are different ways you can spend your holiday. If you wish you can book accommodation in a hotel while others like camping. A campsite is for people who like the outdoor life and don’t mind putting up with a bit of discomfort. Hotels on the other hand offer lots of luxuries. Staying in a campsite is not as expensive as staying in a hotel. However, one needs to have special equipment to go camping. Another disadvantage of staying in a campsite is that you have to make do with basic facilities such as shared toilets and showers. This has a positive aspect, though you get to know other campers and make new friends.

For many people camping is a wonderful experience. However it is important to make sure you pack all the necessary items in your rucksack before you set off, as there probably won’t be any facilities nearby. Your tent will provide you with shelter from the elements, while a sleeping bag will keep you warm and cosy at night, and a ground mat will provide a comfortable surface to sleep on. Don’t forget to take a torch with you because you probably won’t have an electricity supply. When you arrive at the site be sure to pitch your tent in a sheltered position. Finally, light your stove and settle down to drink your well-earned mug of tea in the lovely fresh air and enjoy the peace of the countryside.

                If you don’t want to sleep in a tent you can book a room in a hotel, motel, guest or private house and hostel. Hotels can usually offer you a choice of single rooms, double rooms, suites or rooms with or without showers, balcony. They also provide services, from catering to babysitting. You can enjoy the bars, restaurants, inside and outside pools and wellness services.



In the past people travelled on foot or on horseback. Travelling now is rapid, safe and pleasant. We can say that there are no really great distances on Earth, we can reach any part of it by air in a short time. Whether we fly or go by train, car coach to a foreign country, we need to have a valid passport and some foreign currency which we can get at a bank or travel agency. Some countries also need entry visa like the USA.        

Nowadays everyone is crazy about travelling. I am a great traveller. I prefer ..................................................................... I have already been to ............................................ Once I would like to visit ..............................................................