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Different hobbies and free time activities.

1. Painting, woodwork or sculpting are for creative people.

2. People’s hobbies change as they grow older.

3. Intellectual hobbies such as crossword puzzles, chess and reading develop you.

4. Outdoor hobbies like gardening, hiking or cycling are healthier than indoor ones.

5. I feel sorry for people who don’t have any hobbies.

6. Collectors are emotionally attached to their collection.

7. Only rich people can afford expensive hobbies like sailing, water skiing or golf.  

8. You are exceptionally lucky when your hobby is your job.



A hobby is an activity that you like doing and do quite often. Unfortunately many people spend their free time at home watching TV. But there are some who do some physical activities regularly, like swimming, aerobics or hiking. Nowadays many young people spend their free time playing computer games.

Free time activities can be put in different categories. Some people like spending their free time in a passive way. Collecting stamps, coins, napkins are very popular among them. Others like creative, interesting indoor hobbies, such as pottery, scrapbooking, sewing or basketry.

Teenagers grow out of collecting things. They like doing more exciting or dangerous things like bungee jumping or gliding. As people get older and have families, they start doing something in which the whole family can take part. Many families go hiking or skiing regularly even with small children.

Men and women have different kinds of hobbies. For example very few women go fishing and they are not so interested in extreme sports, either. On the other hand men generally aren’t interested in needlework or pottery.

I spend most of my free time with ………………………………………………..

Reading is very useful. We can read newspapers, magazines and books.

Newspapers contain political section, top stories, crossword, horoscopes, economical articles, fashion review, TV and radio programmes and weather forecast. We can read about everything we need. On the first page we can find main news and headlines. I always read those articles that seem to be interesting. I like the sport pages or the gossip pages. My family subscribes to _________________________.

Just like many other countries Hungary has local and national papers. Unfortunately most of the papers are tabloids. There are serious papers too. There are daily, weekly and monthly papers. Some Hungarian papers have really good quality. Serious British papers are: The Times, The Guardian or The Independent. The tabloids are The Sun or Hello.

I also enjoy magazines. They come out monthly. They are usually fashion or music magazines. For example: ………………………………………….

There are also journals dealing with medicine, science, trade or education.

Reading books is also a very good pass-time. I can buy books from a bookshop or borrow books from library. I need a lot of books for my school and I also like reading. I prefer language books, travelogues, biographies or adventure stories. Unfortunately books are extremely expensive in Hungary, especially hard cover books with nice bending. Paperbacks are cheaper. I have lots of books at home. I enjoy reading escapist literature: novels, short stories or poems and fiction too: romantic or crime stories, science fiction and novels.

There are famous Hungarian writers like Ady Endre and József Attila, who wrote poems. Móricz Zsigmond and Jókai Mór, who wrote novels. Kertész Imre’s Sorstalanság won the Literature Nobel Prize. I know the following British writers: Charles Dickens, The Austen and Bronte sisters and Thomas Hardy.


I am a theatre fan and I love going to the theatre. People can get season ticket and in Eger there is a good theatre. Performances have high quality and both tragedy and comedy are on play every year. There are modern and historical plays, musicals or ballet in a theatre. Book adaptations are also popular.

Usually a play consists of 3 acts. People can put their coats into the cloakroom, and then can take a seat. After you hear the music or the warning the lights go out and the curtain rises. During the intervals people can eat or drink at the buffet and talk about the play. At the end of the play the audience can call the actors back by clapping their hands


Cinemas show films on screen. At the cinema you can see mainly western, adventure films, thrillers, horror films, detective and crime stories, science fiction, romantic comedies or cartoons. I prefer _________________________. I love multiplex cinemas with the huge screens and very comfortable seats. We can watch dubbed or subtitled films. My favourite films are ……………………………………………………………….

I have got many favourite actors and actresses. They are often rewarded. The Oscar prize and The Golden Globe are the most respected ones. Nowadays you can watch films on tape or DVDs. DVDs have better quality and have many extras in connection with the film.


I like/don’t like watching TV.  We can choose from many channels. There are many programmes which I am interested in. For example: serials, political programmes, documentaries, quizzes, news, films, cartoons and shows. My favourite one is …………………………. . TV brings information to our home but the films on the Hungarian channels are rather boring because they repeat what has already been broadcasted before. My favourite channels are ……………………………….


I often listen to music or radio. There is a wide choice of music in our life. Classical music, jazz, rock, pop, heavy metal, punk, techno, house R’n’B or blues. I prefer ………………………….. We can listen to music on walk-man, hi-fi system, disc-man mp3-4 players, ipods and so on. CDs are more popular than cassettes but from the Internet we can download music too. My favourite singer or band is _______________________.



When I invite my friends we usually play board games or cards. I like Monopoly or Scrabble the best but I like quiz games, such as Who wants to be a millionaire or Activity. They are always fun.





What did you read last and what was it about?

What kinds of newspapers do you like and read?

What did you last see in the theatre/ cinema? What was it about?

How often do you watch TV and what do you like to watch?

Television channels and programmes.

1. News channels provide up-to-date information.   

2. Public service channels are unnecessary and nobody watches them.

3. Violence on TV should be controlled more strictly.

4. Documentary channels like National Geographic are both useful and interesting.

5. Music channels like MTV have a great influence on the young.  

6. There aren’t enough educational programs on TV.

7. TV commercials that interrupt movies are annoying.

8. I find sitcoms relaxing after a hard and stressful day.

Different forms of entertainment.

1. I’m not much of a theatre-goer, I don’t like dressing up or buying tickets in advance.

2. Home-theatre systems successfully compete with cinemas nowadays.   

3. I only go to museums when I’m away on holiday. 

4. Television kills social life; people should go out or get together with their friends instead.

5. I prefer subtitled films to dubbed ones because it helps me practise English.

6. Since books are so expensive people read less nowadays. 

7. I haven’t been to the opera yet but I would like to go sometime.

8. Art galleries and exhibitions are not popular with young people.