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Family Occasions


                                                                              Family Occasions


                In my family we celebrate birthdays, name-days, my parents’ wedding anniversary, Mother’s day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter.


                I like birthdays the most because the whole family comes together for this occasions. My birthday is on …………………………… . I also have a party with my friends, either at my house or in a café or disco. On my birthday my mum cooks my favourite dish. We also order a cake. I have to blow the candles on the cake before I get my presents.


                The biggest family festival of the year is Christmas. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The most important day is Christmas Eve, 24th, December. On this day we decorate the Christmas tree with coloured lights, sweets and ornaments. Christmas presents are placed under the tree. During the day we cook the Christmas dinner, which is usually fish soup or turkey with rice or potato, stuffed cabbage and poppy seed or nut rolls. Before/After dinner we open our presents. At midnight a lot of families go to the church for the midnight service. On Christmas and Boxing Day we visit relatives or they visit us and the whole family spends a lot of time together.


                On New Year’s Eve people go to parties or to a restaurant or stay at home in front of the telly and watch the programmes. At midnight we drink champagne and sing the national anthem and we wish each other a happy new year.


                We also celebrate Easter. At Easter we celebrate the Resurrection, the rising of Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday we eat at home usually sandwiches with hard-boiled eggs and ham. On Easter Monday boys visit their relatives and friends and sprinkle the girls and women with some water or perfume. In return they get chocolate or painted eggs and bunnies. If the weather is good, we go on a trip to the mountains.


Mother’s day is a special day in my family. We celebrate my mum on the first Sunday of May. I buy flowers to my mum and try to help her as much as possible on this day.


On 1st, November we remember our passed relatives and friends. We go to the cemetery and light a candle for them.


We celebrate 15th, March, the day of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-49. 20th, August, the day of King Stephan I. 23rd, October the day of the Declaration of the Hungarian Republic and the revolution of 1956.