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Daily Routine

Daily Routine


I am an early bird/ I am not an early riser and it is always/never difficult for me to get up. I wake up at ................... My phone/alarm clock/mum wakes me up every morning. First I go to the bathroom to wash my face, neck and teeth or if I have more time I have a shower. I look myself in the mirror, comb my hair and then I get dressed. As I’m always in a hurry I have a quick breakfast in the kitchen. I just wolf down something. I get my things ready for school and leave.

I usually go to school by bus/car/bike/on foot. It takes about ..................... to get there, sometimes it depends on the weather. School starts at 7.30 and finishes at around 2 o’clock. I have 6-7-8 lessons a day, but in the afternoon I have private lessons or training too. During breaks I meet my friends, revise for the lessons, do my homework, go to the library or just have something to eat and drink. Normally I have sandwiches (bread and butter with cold cuts or ham and cheese), yoghurt. I usually drink tea, soft juice or coke.

During the lessons I’m trying to pay attention and learn all the important details. Sometimes it is very hard to do well at school, especially in the last lessons.

After school I have lunch in the school canteen./After lunch I go home and have lunch. Lunch consists of three courses. I start with some hot soup then I eat meat with garnish and if I have enough space in my belly I eat some dessert like ice-cream, cake, some fruit or chocolate.

At home I have a rest and then I start doing my homework, learning and revising. Sometimes I prepare for the lessons with my classmates/friends. After learning I spend most of my time with my friends or at home. I watch TV, listen to music, play computer games, read something or chat with my friends. I often help my mum with the housework or preparing the dinner.

We have dinner at .............., when we discuss what has happened during the day, our problems and future plans. In the evenings I watch TV, then I go to the bathroom, have a shower, brush my teeth and go to bed at ........... I like sleeping. I fall asleep once my head hits the pillow. I need ...........-hour sleep.


My weekends are not the same as my weekdays. At weekends I wake up much later. I usually have a bigger breakfast not only a piece of toast but also sausages, fried or scrambled eggs and some yoghurt. We often spend our time with my grandparents/relatives or cousins. On Saturday night I go out with my friends to paint the town red.