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City versus country

The pros and contras of country living and urban environment.

1. High rise blocks make people more isolated.

2. Country living involves less stress in general.

3. In towns, you have to spend hours with commuting every day.

4. There are more opportunities for the young in towns.

5. Heavy traffic and air pollution damage your health. 

6. Town parks can’t make up for the loss of natural environment.

7. If you live in the country you need to have a car on your own.

8. It is dangerous to walk in the street after dark in most towns.


Living in a city/ in the country 



                The quiet life of the country has never appealed to someone who was born and brought up the city. Life is never dull in a town, the latest exhibitions, films, plays are within walking distance or only a short bus ride away. There are civilized conditions, the streets are better kept, shops are better supplied, shopping can be a pleasure, there is a much wider choice of everything.

                City life is also better for children because there is a variety of schools they can choose from and they don't need to commute. People have more chance of entertainment, there are theatres, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, music halls and clubs so life is never dull in the city. Towns are constantly changing places and they can provide you with the best that life can offer.

                There are, of course, disadvantages in living in a city. As there are many cars, trucks and lorries on the roads there is a high degree of air pollution. Rivers are also dirtier than in the country. Because of the traffic, streets are noisy. Public transport is usually inadequate, buses are overcrowded so people have to use their cars, consequently there are traffic jams during the rush hours.

                The houses are so close to each other than there is no place for greenery. People lose touch with nature, they rush to work and go home dead tired at the end of the day. They are stressed, isolated, and nervous.




                In the country people are very friendly and close to nature. The air is clean, there is no noise of machinery, no air pollution, so people are healthier. Although there are more shops in the town but in villages people are on friendly terms with the shopkeepers and they always sell them fresh food and meat. In the country people grow their own vegetables and fruit and gardening can be another relaxing form of entertainment

If people need some kind of entertainment they can go to the nearest town or come together for a barbecue party and keep relations with other people.

                There are some disadvantages of living in the country. Services are less efficient in the country. There is only one school or there is no school at all and children have to commute to the nearest town. People have to travel to bigger towns to arrange their official cases.

                There is only one general practitioner. The streets are not tarred and on a rainy day you can easily stuck in the mud. There is no public transport so village people have to use their bikes or walk long distances. On the other hand this is very healthy. Life is  sometimes dull.