Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe


1.Mugging  A man grabbed my bag


- Good morning.Can I help you?

-I’ve lost my bag.Actually I didn’t loose it, it was grabbed from me.

-I see. First of all, I’ll have to take down your particulars.What’s your name?


-And your address?

-………………………………………….(I live at …… …………… street, in ………………..)

-Where and when did it happen?

-It happened on the underground in the rush hour yesterday.It was about 6 o’clock in the evening.I was    travelling on line 7.A man came up to me, pushed me and grabbed my bag and ran away.

-Could you describe the handbag and the content of it?

-Yes, it was a brown, leather handbag with a sidepocket and a zip.It was not so expensive.But all my  documents- my ID, my driving licence and my visa card – were in it.I also had 25 pounds in notes and some coins.

-Can you describe the person?

-Yes, certainly – I had a very good lookat him.He was of medium height, he had an oval face with a dark complexion, dark hair brown eyes. He was slighty balding on top. He was in his late thirties, anyway.His most outstanding feature was his huge,crooked nose. He was wearing an expensive-looking black leather jacket, light blue jeans and black shoes. He didn’t look the criminal type to me. But nowadays you can’t trust anyone.


2.Exchanging a watch


-Good morning. Can I help you?

-I would like to make a complaint. I bought a watch at your shop and I have only had it for a week and it has stopped working.

-When exactly did you buy it?

-I bought it last Monday. It was an expensive watch, I paid 23000 Forints for it. I know it wasn’t waterproof, I didn’t put it in water and didn’t do anything special to it but yesterday I noticed that it stopped working. It wasn’t my fault.

-I’m sure it wasn’t. Have you got the receipt?

-Of course, here you are. And the watch, too.Would you like to se it?

-Yes. First I’ll check the batteries. Yes, they seem to be fine.

-Well, then what can we do? Can I have my money back?

-I’m sorry I can’t give you a refund but we can repair it or exchange it?

-No, I wouldn’t like a repaired watch. I think I’ll exchange it.Can you show me some other watches?

I wouldn’t like to pay more so I’m looking for wathches at the same price.

-Yes of course. Look at these. Which one would you like?

-I like the second one in the third row.How much is it?

-It’s 20,000 Forints.

-Can you pay the 3000 –Forint difference?

-Of course.

-OK. I’ll take it.



Wedding present


Examiner: Would this item be a good weeding present?

Candidate: I don’t feel the set of golf clubs would be a suitable wedding present because it’s customary to get a couple useful household goods to help them furnish their new house. The yoga classes wouldn’t be the best choice either because there’s much more money available to spend, and besides we’re not sure that the couple could go to the classes together. I think any of the other four gifts would be appropriate.

Examiner: What do you think is an appropriate gift from work colleagues?

Candidate: Personally, I feel that the set of crystal glasses or the China dinner service are very appropriate gifts from colleagues. These gifts could be used by the couple for their own meals and also for entertaining guests at home. It is appropriate for colleagues to buy something that can be used for entertainment. I would get them the set of crystal glasses.

Examiner: Will the gift be a nice memory of their friends in the office?

Candidate: I think the gift will be a nice memory of their colleagues because they will drink from these glasses on special occasions and perhaps they will remember that their colleagues got them these glasses to make their happy moments or special occasions even nicer.





-          I think you’ll agree we need to do some cleaning and go to the supermarket if we want to survive without my parents.

-         Yes, of course I’ll help you. Just tell me what I should do.

-      After breakfast I’ll do the washing up. We’ll need some food for the evening, we should tidy up the rooms, water the plants and feed the dog and the goldfish. We also need some clean clothes. Could you help me?

-         Yes. Perhaps I could feed Sam and the goldfish and water the plants. I love your dog and I’d love to take him for a walk, too. If you don’t mind, and on the way of home I could do the shopping, too.

-        .It’s a great idea. Could you bring milk, orange juice, bread and a dozen eggs? That’s all we need.I think we’ve run out of mineral water and yoghurt, too.

-         Yes, you’re right. I’ll get these things.

-      Thanks a lot. You’re a great help. In the meantime I’ll do the washing-up, load the washing machine, and tidy the rooms. This way we’ll be ready

-          And this way your parents won’t find a pigsty when they return.

-         Yes, that’s important, too.

-     I just hope they speak English at the supermarket.

-         You’ll find everything on the shelves. Otherwise, ask the shop assistants. They could use a little practice in speaking English anyway. Ask younger people, they can usually speak English.

-         Ok. Let’s get started.







With qualified teachers of English


Private Tuition

Course 1

Course 2

1 student

5 students per class

Max. 10 students per class


16 May – 20 June


16 June – 5 July


16 June – 26 July

two 45-minute lessons in the morning

three 45-minute lessons in the morning

two 45-minute lessons in the afternoon

£50 per lesson

£150 per course

£200 per course



-          Hi. What would you like to discuss with me?

-          I’m thinking of attending an English course so I went to a language school yesterday and I was given some information about the courses. Unfortunately I can’t decide which to choose. Can you help me?

-          Of course. What do you know about the possibilities?

-          Well, there are two types of courses but I also have the opportunity to study with a private teacher.

-          And which do you prefer? Private tuition or a course?

-          Well, I don’t really know. If I have a private teacher, her attention is focused entirely on me, which is very good. I can ask questions whenever I don’t understand something. On the other hand, the lessons at a private teacher are much more expensive. I can’t pay so much.

-          And what do you think of a course?

-          Well, a course is cheaper than private tuition and if you learn together with others, not only the teacher but also the students can help you if you have a problem.

-          Then you should choose a course. How many students can apply for each course?

-          For the first type 5, for the other 10. I think five is not a lot. The only problem with this course is that it’s not long. It only takes 3 weeks. I want to have a longer course. The second takes 6 weeks. It’s much better.

-          How many lessons will there be in a week?

-          In the first type three lessons in the morning, in the second type only two but in the afternoon.

-          You work in the morning, don’t you? You can only go to the afternoon lessons.

-          Yes, that’s right.

-          How much do they cost?

-          The shorter one costs Ł150, the longer one costs Ł200.

-          Can you afford to pay so much?

-          Yes, I’ve been saving up for this course for months.

-          Good luck for it. When will you begin?

-          On the 16th of June. I’m going to have a very busy summer.

-          Yes, because you have to learn a lot if you’re learning a foreign language.

-          I know. I hope, I can make it.


6.Ill classmate

-          Hi. Thank you for visiting me.

-          Hi. How are you?

-          To be honest, I feel under the weather.I’ve been feeling hot and shivery since yesterday.I got up with a splitting headache yesterday morning. I had a bad cough and I felt sore all over. I couldn’t help sneezing and my nose was running.I had a high temperature

-          Did you go to your GP?

-          Of course. He listened to my lungs, took my blood pressure.He diagnosed my illness and told me that I had all the symptoms of flu. He made out a prescription for some medicine. I have to stay in bed for a few days and drink a lot of hot tea with lemon.

-          Speedy recovery. I hope next week we will meet at school.

-          I would really like to go, too. But now I can’t get out of bed.

-          Don’t worry. I’ll help you. What can I do for you? Shall I do the shopping?

-          Yes, please. It would be great. Could you bring me some groceries? You can find the shopping list on the table in the kitchen.

-          Iwill do the shopping for you. You shuold take it easy for a few days. I will send you the homework too.




-Hello. Can I bug you for a sec? I am a new student in this school,  and I would like to have something to eat. Can you help me?

-Of course.You can buy excellent hamburgers and sandwiches  in the buffet.Come with me, I will show you the way .

-Thanks so much.

-You are welcome. Don't be afraid to ask me questions about our school. I know that being’ the new guy’ can be embarassing sometimes.

-Firstly, let me ask you how old this school is?

-It was built in 1911 so we will celebrate its 100- year- old anniversary next year.

-Great. Can you tell me something about the classes?

-I don't know exactly how many classrooms there are in the school. I think there may be more than 50 ,plus the special laboratories: 5 IT rooms, 3 language labs ,2 Science labs not to mention the library.

-And what about the gymnasium? I love sports especially soccer and volleyball.

-We have two well -equipped gymnasiums and a fitness room. The school is surrounded by a yard where you can play football on the football field. Moreover,  a football championship is held  among students’ teams on Friday afternoons.

-Oh, that's really cool. I had almost the same activities in my previous school. How many students are there in an average class?Do you organise trips for students?

-Actually, there are about 30 students in a class, boys and girls together, because this is a co-educational school.As for your other  question, classes go on a trip in May.They are great fun.

-What about teachers?Are they strict?Can you skip the lessons?

-Skipping the lessons is not allowed here. Although our teachers are strict, they are understanding and open to our problems. Let me tell you some of them. Mr.XY teaches us maths. She/he is not very permissive but has a good sense of humour.Mrs.YX teaches us English. She makes us writing a lot of tests but she is the best teacher I’ve ever met in my life.As for the subjects, we have Science classes such as maths, physics, chemistry, biology…..We have humanities as well  e.g. literature, grammar, languages.By the way, we have art classes: singing and drawing. Don’t forget :classes start at 7.30 and finish at 2.30. pm. Don’t be late .

-Ok, thank you very much. See you next time, bye!





-          Well, let’s go somewhere together in summer. I’m free in August. When can you take your holiday?

-          I’m free all summer, so August is good for me. Where shall we go?

-          I’d like to go to Greece.Have you ever been there?

-          No, not yet. But I’ve read a lot about it and I’d like to see it. Greece is a lovely country. Let’s go there.

-          I went there last summer and I loved it so much that I want to return. How shall we get there?

-          Let’s go by plane. It’s fast and very comfortable. You can get there in a few hours.

-          No, I wouldn’t like to fly. I’m afraid of flying. How about travelling by coach?

-          By coach? Are you out of your mind? It takes at least 26-28 hours to get there. It’s long, tiring and uncomfortable. And I hate travelling with a lot of other people. I’d rather go by car although it’s tiring and dangerous for one person to drive so much.

-          It’s true but both of us have a driving licence, so we can take turns driving.

-          You’re right. And we don’t have to drive all the way down to Greece. There’s no need to hurry. It won’t be a problem if we get there in two or three days. We can spend the night in a motel or a cheap hotel during the way.

-          And where shall we stay in Greece? I don’t want to be at a campsite. I hope you’re not planning to sleep in a tent for two weeks!

-          No, absolutely not! We can stay at a hotel by the sea and go to the beach every day.

-          Sounds good but I can’t imagine myself lying in the sun all day.

-          You won’t have to do it all day. We can go for trips if you like. If we go by car, we can travel round easily.

-          Yes, I’d like to visit the Meteoras and Athens. I’d love to see the Acropolis. And what will we eat while we’re there?

-          I want to book accommodation in a hotel with full board, which means we’ll get breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel.

-          Perfect. I don’t want to cook while I’m on holiday.

-          I can’t wait to go on holiday! It will be so exciting.

-          Yes. I’m also looking forward to going.